The oil and gas industry requires safe and productive solutions for exploration, production, movement, refining and processing of crude oil and gas products. There is a need for high-quality machinery to siphon crude oil from the earth and efficient equipment for the refinement and distillation processes used to create gasoline, plastics, asphalt and other essential petroleum-based products. This is where the hydraulic compressor shines.

What is a hydraulic compressor?

In the oil and gas industry, a compressor is a mechanical device that reduces the volume of a gas to increase its pressure. It’s used at processing plants, field nodes and inlets of the pipeline. Hydraulic compressors are powerful and lightweight deck-mounted compressors used for low volume and high differential pressure applications. 

What are the benefits of a hydraulic compressor?

  • able to process large quantities of liquid through the compression element
  • capture gas at a low flow rate eliminating the need for venting or flaring
  • improve well economics and efficiency
  • help meet regulatory compliance
  • have a small footprint
  • have a self-regulating control system
  • designed for casing gas applications
  • easily field serviceable
  • designed for high H2S concentrations 
  • low capital cost
  • low maintenance 
  • 100% turndown


What are the applications of compressor equipment in the oil and gas industry?

  • Pipeline Transportation: Compressor equipment is used in oilfield facilities to maintain or boost the pressure in transported gas as it moves along the pipelines to the supplier and final consumer.
  • Gas Re-injection: The pressure in oil reserves and well flow tend to decrease over time and compressors are used to boost pressure levels.
  • Petrochemical synthesis: Very specific air and gas pressurization is needed in the manufacturing process for ammonia, methanol, urea, ethylene, ethylene glycol and other petrochemicals. Compressor equipment makes this possible.
  • Petroleum Refining: Before petroleum is transported through pipelines, a significant part is processed in order to boost the pressure levels in the gas.


The application of hydraulic compressor equipment in the oil and gas industry for the purpose of processing and moving fuel-rich materials helps meet regulatory levels. Hydraulic compressors promise to provide good output, eliminate the need for venting and flaring, simplify maintenance while also reducing the high cost of equipment.

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