Crude oil storage tanks often leak methane (CH4) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Methane is an odourless, colourless, flammable gas with 70 times greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide as it traps more heat in the atmosphere. Methane is responsible for 30% of global warming to this point. Volatile organic compounds are linked to health problems (slurred speech, mood changes, vision problems, nausea, memory loss, vomiting, facial flushing, headache, chronic/short-term respiratory difficulties, chronic/short-term heart problems, premature death, etc.). The gas and oil industry is one of the largest emitters of methane and VOCs, releasing these compounds through accidental leakage and/or intentional venting. Canada has committed to reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry by 45% by 2025. Canadian regulations for the gas and oil sector focus on emission reduction and promoting the development of technology to provide solutions. This is where vapour recovery units (VRUs) shine. 

What Is A Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU)?

A Vapour Recovery Unit is a compression package that lowers emission levels while recovering hydrocarbons to be reused or sold. VRUs remove approximately 95% of unwanted vapours in crude oil or distillate tanks, allowing oil and gas operators to reduce emissions. They are driven by gas or electric motors. Several kinds of VRUs are utilized in a wide range of gas and oil installations and/or plants and in the chemical industry (industrial tail gas recovery, wellhead compression, gas lift, tank battery vapour, etc.). A typical unit consists of four principal components:

  • Gas Compressor (rotary sliding vane, rotary screw, or reciprocating piston)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (which adjusts the speed of the compressor)
  • Scrubber (to remove fluid impurities)
  • Switching device (to detect changes in pressure and stop/start the unit)

What Are The Benefits Of A VRU?

  • New Revenue Stream and/or Cost Savings:  Recovered vapours can be returned to the production line for sale, providing a new revenue stream.
  • Reduced Back Pressure: VRUs reduce back pressure by taking the compressing gas from the casing and sending it back into the production line.
  • Reduced Fire Hazard: By collecting combustible vapours from tanks and ensuring they remain in the system, VRUs minimize the risk of fire.
  • Reduce Safety, Health, and Environmental Risks: VRUs collect gasses that create health issues and enhance environmental protection.
  • Enhance Environmental and Social Responsibility: Emissions of dangerous pollutants are reduced by up to 95% and venting is eliminated, showing a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Why Choose Gas Pro’s VRUs?

Gaspro’s VRUs save money, reduce emissions, decrease fire hazards, and safeguard the health of people and the environment. They:

  • Are a simple solution, a closed loop system
  • Have many applications/treat a wide range of vapours in storage units
  • Recover methane and other VOCs reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Boost pressure
  • Are fully automated, state-of-the-art equipment 
  • Are available with reciprocating, screw type, or rotary vane compressors
  • Increase profitability
  • Provide a sustainable solution
  • Reduce future and current risks and/or liabilities associated with greenhouse gas emissions
  • Are an ideal vapour recovery solution for the petrochemical and petroleum industries 

Want an efficient vapour recovery solution? Interested in a quality vapour recovery unit? Contact Gaspro Compression. Our focused team takes pride in their work and provides prompt service and dependable products to our clients. We are committed to continual improvement and innovation of products to meet the changing demands of the oil and gas industry. Gaspro is one of Canada’s leading providers of compressor packages. Contact GasPro to request a proposal.