Casing Gas Compressors

Gaspro casing gas compression packages are used for individual oil well optimization. As the hydrocarbon products flow into the well from the formation, associated gas breaks off from the solution and starts collecting in the casing. This causes pressure to build up in the casing which creates back pressure on the formation, thus restricting the flow of hydrocarbons into the well. This problem was commonly dealt with by either venting or flaring this gas, but both these methods result in GHG emissions and loss of a valuable energy source. Gaspro compression’s casing gas compressor packages solve this problem by taking the gas from the casing, compressing it, and putting it back into the production line. As a result, there is less backpressure on the formation and more hydrocarbons flow from the formation into the well, while at the same time, valuable energy resources are conserved.

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Vapor Recovery Units

Vapor Recovery Units

Tank Vapor Recovery Units

Crude oil storage tanks emit methane and other volatile organic compounds that flash off from the oil. Gaspro’s vapor recovery units (VRU) are designed to recover the vapors coming off from the tanks (typically at only a few ounces of pressure) and then compressing it back into the system where it can be marketed. The VRU can provide significant economic and environmental benefits to the client.

Gaspro Compression provides a simple solution to these emissions and vented gases by applying a closed loop system without the need of having costly emission study. Gaspro VRUs can be used at any application including tanks where methane gas is coming off in small amounts. We capture these trace amount of gases, compress it and put it back into the gas pipeline which increase profitability and reduce methane (and GHG) emissions making it a more sustainable solution.  

Solvent Vapor Recovery Units

In Alberta, Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is commonly used to extract in situ deposits of Heavy Oil. Solvent extraction technologies are being tested as an alternative to SAGD, whereby, solvents will be used instead of steam. Gaspro has provided compressors for recovery of propane solvent and butane solvent pilot projects.

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100% BTEX Emission Control Systems (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene)

Benzene is a carcinogenic (cancer causing) compound that is a by-product of natural gas dehydration systems using glycol as a desiccant. Gaspro offers various control systems that can significantly reduce (using a condenser box or a condenser + tank assembly) or completely eliminate (using Gaspro’s BTEX VRU) emissions of benzene and other harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

Gaspro BTEX VRU provides a solution to the system where benzene emissions are a concern. Typically, glycol dehydrators are required to capture small amounts of BTEX, greenhouse gases (GHGs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in order to meet the regulatory requirement. Our BTEX VRUs capture emissions from the still-column of the glycol dehydrator, condense it to collect all the liquid droplets and pass the separated gas into the compressor. Gaspro BTEX VRU applies a closed loop system and is approved technological solution by the AER as a 100% solution to the problem, thus eliminating the need for further study requirement as is required by other 95% OR 99% solutions.

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BTEX Emission Control Systems
Booster Compressors

Booster Compressors

Gaspro booster compressors are used in facilities or natural pipelines where natural gas is required to move at a distant location. The gas is first compressed to a high pressure and is then allowed to move into a high-pressure gas line. Because of this compression, gas moves from a high-pressure location to a low pressure distant location.

Gaspro compressors have been extensively used for depleting coal bed methane (CBM) and other conventional natural gas wells. By helping boost these low pressure formations into the pipelines, allowing formations to be depleted to as near zero pressure as possible.

Hydraulic Multiphase Pump​

Gaspro’s Hydraulic Multiphase Pump package is an industry-leading technology, with the unique ability to boost both gas and liquids in a single process.

Multiphase pumping has received recognition in supporting oil and gas production optimization from assets where it was previously impossible. Multiphase pumping allows the entire production stream to be gathered and boosted to a central facility without separate flowlines, separators, treaters, storage tanks, flares, compressors, etc. Eliminating this surface equipment at the well site reduces facility operating expenditures, as well as equipment costs, and provides optimization spread over many wells. A multiphase pump skid can be installed on a gathering system with little or no production disturbance. 

Gaspro’s Hydraulic Multiphase pump is self-supported with automatic speed control, instrumentation, and safety shutdowns. Comes with standard communication protocols, data acquisition for real time monitoring, and remote start/stop capabilities.

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B-TEX Cooler

Gaspro’s Cooler Boxes Removes H2O from BTEX gases by cooling gas and allowing H20 to condense out and be captured in a tank. Gases can be recovered and reused for re-boiler fuel; this increases the quality of the fuel thereby increasing the efficiency of the re-boiler.

Quickly and easily installed, Minimal onsite requirement for install

Self-contained, all electronics mounted inside skid for ease of transport and installing as well as protection from elements 

Built temperature control, uses RTD for temperature control with a user defined set point