A multiphase pump is a device that deals with the complete production of an oil or natural gas well without separating or processing the production stream near/at the wellhead. It augments conventional lift systems, combining gas and oil transport in a multiphase pipeline to a processing facility. These machines transport unprocessed fluids (a mixture of oil, water, and gas) to a processing facility, enabling delivery from remote locations. They are an increasingly popular solution. 

 Gaspro’s Multiphase Pump Technology

Gaspro’s multiphase pump package has transformative potential for the oil and gas industry. It draws down on the wellhead pressure, acting as a surface lift method to increase production. Utilizing industry-leading technology, our pump has the unique ability to boost both liquids and gas in a single process, allowing the production stream to be gathered and boosted to a facility without the need for separators, separate flowlines, treaters, flares, storage tanks, and compressors, reducing operating and equipment costs. Additionally, our multiphase pump package can be installed on an existing gathering system with little/no disturbance of production. These machines handle high flow rates, tolerate gas volume fluctuations, and manage pressures at a high gas volume fraction. They deliver constant flow at a given speed, independent of the backpressure of the gathering system and their higher delivery pressure ensures production even in low temperatures and increased viscosity. Our pump limits shearing while facilitating downstream treatment. Gaspro’s pump has automatic speed control, safety shutdowns, and self-supported instrumentation. Data acquisition is enabled by real-time monitoring and remote stop/start capability.

The Need for Gaspro’s Multiphase Pump Technology

An increasing demand for gas and oil creates the need to keep marginal fields productive. Gaspro’s multiphase pump technology enables previously shut-in and low-pressure wells to be brought back to production. They allow for the development of remote locations and previously uneconomical fields. Environmentally conscious handling of emissions is a growing concern. Gaspro’s multiphase pumps are a unique mechanism for increasing production while addressing environmental needs. They eliminate venting and flaring, eradicate surging/slugging, reduce costs, and boost operational pressure.

Why Choose Gaspro Compression Corp?

At Gaspro Compression Corp, we have a focused team that takes pride in their work. Our operator friendliness, robust design, compression specialists, innovative solutions, and exceptional service have resulted in a reputable name in the oil and gas industry. We continually innovate and improve our products to meet ever-changing industry demands/needs. We’re a leading provider of compressor packages in Canada. Contact us today to request a proposal.