Multiphase pumps are used in the oil and gas industry as a supplement to conventional lift systems, combining oil and gas transport in a single multiphase pipeline to a central process facility. They’re increasingly popular around the world.

What is a multiphase pump?

A multiphase pump is a pump that can handle the complete production from an oil or natural gas well without needing to separate or process the production stream near or at the wellhead. They transport unprocessed well fluids (a mixture of water, oil and gas) to a process facility and enable delivery from remote locations. 

What are the advantages of using multiphase pumps in the oil and gas industry?

  • One Process: A multiphase pump gathers and boosts both gas and liquids in one process with one piece of machinery. 
  • Boosted Operational Pressures: Multiphase pumps may be used at any location within the flow line system to increase the pressure of the untreated stream flowing directly from the wellhead. This results in a higher delivery pressure and ensures production even in low temperatures and increased viscosity.
  • Increased Production and Enhanced Recovery:  These pumps are capable of drawing down on the wellhead pressure acting as a surface lift method to increase production. Low pressure wells and previously shut-in wells are brought back to production without separation, flaring or venting.  A small multiphase pump can be tied to the annulus gas outlet of a single well and bring that well to production, extending field life and delaying well abandonment.  
  • Increased Economy: Multiphase pumps allow the development of remote locations and previously uneconomical fields. Their large operating window allows a flexible reaction to changing well conditions. They handle high flow rates, pressures at a high gas volume fraction and tolerate gas volume fluctuations. Plugged and abandoned wells may be returned to production. 
  • Flow Assurance: Hydraulic multiphase pumps deliver constant flow at a given speed independent of the gathering system backpressure. By changing the pump speed, the pumps can vary the flow rate and control the pump inlet and the gathering pressure. Lowering the pressure allows the opening of a pipeline prone to hydrate blockage and/or make liquid logged wells flow again. Paraffin build-up and emulsions can be mitigated. A multiphase pump limits shearing and facilitates downstream treatment.
  • Reduced Facilities: Pumping production from the field to a central processing facility in a single flow stream eliminates the need for separation and compression equipment and installations. 
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Reducing surface equipment decreases the impact on the environment. Elimination of flaring and/or venting of gas, blow down operations and well testing helps companies meet restrictions on emissions. 
  • Elimination of Slugging and Surging: Multiphase pumps provide a smooth pumping action with any flow regime without pulsations and vibrations, mitigating the hazards of slugging and surging in flowlines and risers.
  • Subsea Boosting: A multiphase pump located on the seafloor close to a producing subsea well can boost the combined production to the surface, overcoming pressure losses in flow lines and risers and reducing the need for costly additional platforms and fixed structures.

The increasing demand for oil and gas makes it important to keep marginal fields productive. Environmentally friendly handling of emissions is a concern. Multiphase pumps are a unique tool for increased production and help address environmental issues. They eliminate flaring and venting, boost operational pressure and eradicate slugging/surging while reducing costs.

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