Gaspro Compression Corp specializes in building single and two-stage compressor packages from 1 psi suction to 400 psi discharge. Our packages can be gas or electric-driven and are customized to suit individual flow and service (sweet or sour) parameters. We work closely with our clients to develop a package that is the best fit for their application and is efficient in design and cost. All our packages are engineered for extended, cost-efficient operation and we are continually improving and innovating our products to keep up with the ever-changing industry demands.

We Provide the following compression packages:

  • Casing Gas Compressors for individual oil well optimization. As the hydrocarbon products flow into the well from the formation, associated gas breaks off from the solution and starts collecting in the casing. This causes pressure to build up which creates back pressure on the formation, restricting the flow of hydrocarbons into the well. This is commonly dealt with by either venting or flaring the gas, but both these methods result in greenhouse gas emissions and loss of a valuable energy source. Our casing gas compressor packages solve this problem by taking the gas from the casing, compressing it and putting it back into the production line. There is less backpressure on the formation, more hydrocarbons flow from the formation into the well and valuable energy resources are conserved.
  • Booster Compressors for facilities or pipelines where natural gas is required to move at a distant location. The gas is compressed, then allowed to move into a high-pressure gas line where it moves from a high-pressure location to a low-pressure distant location. By helping boost these low-pressure formations into the pipelines, formations are depleted to as near zero pressure as possible. Gaspro compressors have been extensively used for depleting coal bed methane and other conventional natural gas wells. These compressors can be used in a variety of applications in the oil and gas industry (drilling, hydrocarbon blanketing, nitrogen generation, compression stations).

Gaspro Compression Corp has a focused team that takes pride in their work. We strive to provide dependable products and prompt service to all our clients. Located in Three Hills Alberta (one hour northeast of Calgary), Gaspro develops dependable, low-maintenance, user-friendly compressor packages that surpass industry standards. All our packages are engineered for extended, cost-efficient operation. We’re continually improving and innovating our products to meet changing industry demands. Gaspro is a leading provider of compressor packages in Canada. Contact us to request a proposal.