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5 Ways to Reduce Methane Emission Using Gaspro Compressions Technologies

Filed under: Article - 01 Mar 2021

With the new $52 million funding grant approved by Alberta, we can expect to see many more companies going green here shortly. The grant promises to pay for 75% of your project with the goal of reducing your CO2e output. …

Understanding Natural Gas and the Role of Vapor Recovery Units

Filed under: Article - 01 Feb 2021

Canada’s natural gas industry contributed more than $2.4 billion to the country’s economy each year.  Canada and U.S. production combined in 2019 accounted for 108.8 billion cubic feet per day and the natural gas industry employs thousands of workers all …

Oil and Gas Compressor Safety: All You Need to Know

Filed under: Article - 01 Jan 2021

As an essential part of the refinement and distillation industry, oil and gas are both keys in the development and production of a wide range of products.

It takes time to mine locations with naturally occurring oil. One of the staples …