What is Compressor Overhaul?

Many aspects of the oil and gas industry necessitate the use of compressor equipment, mechanical devices that lift the pressure of compressible fluids or gases. Compressor overhaul is the process of taking apart the components of a compressor, examining it thoroughly and servicing elements in need of repair and/or rebuilding.

Why Compressor Overhaul is needed:

Compressors and associated components (pipelines, valves) are subjected to mechanical and thermal stresses. These stresses wear down parts (plugs, seals, seats). As a result, compressors are prone to leaks necessitating maintenance, repairs and/or revamping.

The Benefits of Compressor Overhaul:

Purchasing a new compressor can be advantageous but existing compressors may be inspected and repaired by qualified technicians providing the following benefits:

  • Save money: Buying a new compressor is costly. A compressor overhaul is a more affordable alternative. Components of the failed engine are restored to good working condition, returning the operation of the machine to normal. Proactive maintenance and repair lower overall costs.
  • Increased reliability and constant run time: Unplanned outages are costly and inconvenient, resulting in production shortfalls, missed deadlines, increased labor costs, damage to a company’s reputation and/or lost contracts. Good maintenance practices increase the overall reliability of parts and equipment. Proactive maintenance of your gas compression system reduces or eliminates unplanned outages by anticipating and resolving problems before they lead to a breakdown.
  • Reduced methane emissions: Compressor stations are one of the major sources of methane emissions in the natural gas transmission network. These emissions are caused by leaking compressors, valves, connections and other components in the compressor station. Locating and repairing faulty or worn components reduces methane emissions. Proper maintenance helps avoid emissions.
  • Improved output and quality: Companies are always striving to increase the quality and output of their products. Good maintenance practices lead to consistency in output and quality as well maintained equipment is less likely to stray from operational parameters. Good maintenance ensures that equipment operates at peak performance levels which is crucial for ensuring the consistency of the end product. Optimally performing equipment results in more overall output and shifts that output toward better quality.
  • Increased Safety: Protecting employees and company resources from potential dangers associated with equipment failure is of vital importance. Proactive maintenance catches and addresses issues that could lead to safety hazards or dangerous breakdowns before they occur.
  • Maximized Equipment Life: Gas compression systems require a significant investment of resources. A proactive approach to maintenance keeps equipment constantly running at peak performance levels, as opposed to allowing it to slowly decrease in efficiency until it breaks down. A good maintenance schedule protects your investment and maximizes the life of your equipment.


Compressor overhaul, through the process of rebuilding, repairing and/or revamping, can restore proper function to an existing machine. Overhaul saves you money, increases reliability, reduces emissions, improves output/quality, increases safety and maximizes equipment life. It’s important to have a service provider that builds high-quality compressor stations and maintains efficient performance of these stations. Employ the services of a qualified technician to ensure that your aim to get a fully functional compressor is achieved. Have a capable industrial maintenance company oversee compression station maintenance, repair and replacement.

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